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Helmus Optometry Reviews

"So I was on my last pair of contacts and happened to lose the one in my left eye. So I called here to see if I could purchase a trial pair with my current prescription and they were all for it. I show up and they kindly give it to me at no charge. Must be an awesome place to work and be a patient. Saving the the afternoon and night"

Daniel Sanchez

"It has been a while since I had my last eye exam and I was seen by Dr. Clare and my daughter had her first eye exam with Dr. Julie. Dr Clare and Julie are the sweetest! Both are exceptional at what they do. The staff members are so loving and will take care of you."

Ammara Iqbal

"I have never before had a medical professional explain what they were about to do with the clarity and completeness with which Dr. Paymaun explained each and every element of my eye exam. Anyone with any concerns or anxiety about an eye exam should feel completely at ease with Dr. Paymaun. In fact, the entire team at Helmus is wonderful. I've been going there for many years and have always had a very positive experience with the care I've received."

Rick Schubert

"Great service as always. Julie Helmus took the time to really dial in my prescription. She went above and beyond. This is the level of quality care you won't find in one of those flashy cheap optometry companies. They just want you in and out."

Christopher Crone

"Very friendly, professional and hygienic. Everything was wiped down and all COVID precautions were made. Staff was great. Julie Helmus was thorough in her exam and helpful in feedback. Karen was knowledgeable and honest while assessing my needs and helping me pick my glasses. This was the easiest time I’ve ever had getting glasses. I highly recommend Helmus Optometry."

Maggie Dorsey

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