Helmus Optometry Policies

We want your eye wear to be comfortable and effective. Glasses are complex medical devices, but they are also mini pieces of art you wear on your face! We have confidence in our experienced and highly trained opticians to help guide you in your frame and lens choices. You won’t find a better optical team. Take your time and together we can get this right.

While there are many shopping options when it comes to glasses, there is a huge range in quality. We don’t take short cuts with your vision. We strive to support independent frame manufactures and use independent lens labs. We too are a small, locally owned business, and as such we want to be transparent about limitations when it comes to returns and exchanges. Please review our policies below:


  1. All Sales Final
    All eyewear is custom-made and considered durable medical equipment. As such, materials cannot be returned for cash or credit. Helmus Optometry will update lenses if there is a doctor-prescribed change WITHIN 90 DAYS from the original prescription date. No refunds will be issued once eyewear orders have been submitted to the lens lab.

  1. No Frame Exchanges
    When purchasing a frame, you acknowledge that the frame selected is the desired style, size, and color. If there is a stylistic “change of heart” after the eyeglasses have been processed at the lens lab, patients assume responsibility for 50% of the Usual & Customary cost to replace the lenses in a different frame.

  1. Updating Lenses in Patient’s Own Frame
    Helmus Optometry will not be responsible for any damage incurred when patients elect to use their own frame for new lenses, whether it is a new or older frame. Helmus Optometry will protect your frame to the best of our ability. We will not credit or replace your frame if the frame you supply gets damaged, breaks, or gets lots in transit.


  1. Eye Exam Prior to Contact Lens Fitting
    A comprehensive eye exam within the past 6 months is required before any contact lens services. If your previous exam was longer than 6 months, a new refraction is needed. The refraction will determine an up-to-date glasses prescription, which is needed to calculate an accurate contact lens prescription. If a refraction is performed, you will receive a paper copy of your glasses prescription.

  1. Contact Lens Fitting Policy
    Why do contact lenses cost extra? Because contact lenses are elective medical devices that require additional responsibility and expense on behalf of patients. The process of a professional contact lens fitting involves additional testing, examination procedures and diagnostic determinations by an optometrist or licensed contact lens examiner, including: contact lens history, evaluation of contact lens prescription, contact lens over-refraction, slit lamp examination to evaluate corneal physiology and lens fit on the cornea, keratometry, and lens care instructions.

    Additionally, substantial staff time is required to educate first-time wearers on the proper insertion, removal and care when using contact lenses. The additional doctor and staff time required will be charged according to the difficulty of your particular prescription, visual needs or eye health, as determine by the doctor at the time of your exam.

    All fees cover 90 days of follow-up; if any issues, there are no additional fees within that time frame.

    Any charges associated with the fitting of contacts are due and payable regardless of whether you eventually receive and wear contact lenses.

  2. Acknowledgement: Contact Lens Receipt of Finalized Prescription
    Our doctors always provide patients with a paper copy of their contact lens prescription at the conclusion of a contact lens fitting. Beginning October 16, 2020, the FTC requires patient confirmation that you received your contact lens prescription. We will need your signature acknowledging that you received a copy in office.

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